anyone know why i can’t edit or save my tumblr page? like, i’ll change my theme or s/t and save, but i try to exit the customization page and it asks “leave without saving?” and it won’t save ????

did you fix this problem?


I’m frustrated at the amount of time I’ve wasted trying to perfect a new Tumblr theme only to have to use the original again.

Theme problems?


Tumblr won’t let me save my theme for some reason. The preview updates, but when I press “save”, rather than the button saying “saved” nothing happens and the button stays there as “save”

Some things I’ve tried:

  • logging in and out
  • using ie, firefox, and chrome
  • using a different computer
  • changing the colors and the actual code

Does anybody know why it won’t save/have the same problem? I feel like I’ve tried everything :(

i think it’s a technical problem from tumblr itself, for example i can edit my main blog, but whenever i try to save my new sideblog theme i have this fucking window: